Mochi Buddies Originals Pink Multi Pocket Planner

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Character: Unicorn Momo, Kitten Katkat, Puppy Spottie, Panda Panpan, Bunny Floflo\

This planner comes with 20 sticker slots (put up to 40 sticker packs front and back) and 1 full size slot. You can add on more slots by purchasing more of the inner pages .

Material: Leathery surface.

Size: A5 size.

Seconds has some not obvious spots, cannot be seen unless under direct bright light. Does not affect usage.

Note: This product is self illustrated. Protective seal peeled off for your convenience. Measurements were all taken manually, so do allow a 5mm difference. Due to lighting during photography, the colours of the products may vary slightly too. We seek your kind understanding.

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