Christmas card collaboration by mochibuddies x mofuseasons

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The Mochibuddies and cuties of Mofuseasons are ready for a Christmas Party! Join them as they celebrate Christmas with a classic Japanese Strawberry Shortcake! :birthday:

This exclusive collab Christmas card specially designed by both artists, features a single-sided matte art print on a 15cm square card paper and an elegant shimmery envelope in various colours; perfect as a gift for lovers of cute illustrations :two_hearts: They will be available at DinoFest from 17th December and other offline events by the artists in the month of December. While stocks last!

Want this Christmas Card for yourself?
Drop a note with your name in your order and state that this card is for yourself, and the artist that you ordered from will write you a personalised festive message on this card 😀 Please order two cards if you’d like messages from both artists (Applicable to Pre-orders or mailed orders only)

:sparkles:Enjoy a discounted pre-order rate when you place an order with either of us
Local: 1 for $5, 2 for $9 (SGD)

* For local orders, please inform us if you would like to collect them at any of our boothing events in December.
** For international orders, due to higher volumes of posting in this festive season, there is a possibility that items may not reach you in time for Christmas.

Thank you for supporting small businesses in this festive season!

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