Mochi Buddies are characters inspired from delicious QQ mochi~

Day to day, it is inevitable that we will meet with difficulties and tough times. The idea of creating these QQ Mochi Buddies was to spread motivation and happiness around.

Mochi Buddies makes a great gift, for your family, friends and colleagues basically anyone, in the whole wide world~

I enjoy gifting these out to my friends hoping that they would feel happier throughout the day.

Mochi Buddies lives together in the rainbow town, with them around, the town was filled with love, joy and hope. I hope that I could bring them across to everyone in the world.

The world is beautiful yet we tend to oversee. Some of us just needed a gentle reminder xo

Jean Kuah

Illustrator of Mochi Buddies

Web Programmer

The hero behind, ensuring the web store is operating 24/7 for our dear customers.